The seasons of infertility we battle can be long. We may feel as if we are stuck in one season longer than others and it can be discouraging and lonely.
Are you in a lonely season today?

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Seasons of Infertility

You may feel as if no one truly sees the pain and heartbreak you experience day in and day out. Perhaps one of the seasons below is where you find yourself today, battling.

They won’t see the countless negative pregnancy tests.
They won’t see the silent tears shed.
They won’t see the numerous doctors visits.
They don’t see the devastation that comes with a diagnosis.
They won’t see the poking and prodding done by strangers to your body.
They won’t see the pages of paperwork needing to be filled out.
They won’t see moments that are stripped from you, like surprising your partner with the news that you’re pregnant.
They won’t see the loans taken out.
They won’t see the sleepless nights.
They wont see the endless injections given to your body.

We see you because we’ve been where you are. We’ve traveled this journey before. Here at the Hopeful Mama Foundation, our mission is to support you along your journey as a hopeful mama.

Storied Folk & Co Partnership

Storied Folk & Co. owner and Hopeful Mama board member, Linley Cavin, understands the seasons we battle during infertility. After her own 4+ year battle with infertility, Linley intimately understands how it affects your emotional & mental state, your physical health and your financial well-being. Through donor egg IVF, Linley and her husband are now parents to two miracle babies. She created Storied Folk & Co. as an avenue to give back to those struggling to afford the high costs of fertility treatments here in the U.S.

Linley shares, “I understand so intimately how infertility impacts your life – mentally, emotionally and financially. My husband & I fought through fertility treatments for years. My infertility diagnosis affected every piece of my life, but without treatment we would not have our two beautiful children. I am so proud to now be a part of Hopeful Mama & be able to give back to its mission of providing support to women seeking fertility treatments.”

The Hopeful Mama Foundation and Storied Folk & Co. partnered to create a ringer tee that not only gives back to the foundation, but has a meaning that speaks to each of us.

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“Like a flower that loses its leaves in the winter, we can often feel loss, discouraged and heartbroken while in the trenches of infertility. However, that same flower begins to bloom again in the spring. Hold on to hope that you will bloom again one day.”

This collaboration with Storied Folk reminds us that while on our infertility journeys, when we feel lost or hopeless, we can hold on to hope that we will bloom again. Hopeful Mama, hold on to your hope…you’re not alone.

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