In response to the growing need for a nationwide database of diverse egg donors, Donor Egg Bank USA was launched in 2012 to assist families in their dreams of having a baby. Today, Donor Egg Bank USA is known as a leader in frozen donor egg, becoming a top choice for intended parents and physicians alike.  

Since their first egg lot shipment in early 2012, Donor Egg Bank USA has helped bring more than 8,500 babies into the world in the U.S. with more than 13,000 warmings, the highest among all other egg banks. Additionally, Donor Egg Bank USA’s popular Assured Refund Plan® was the first to offer a live birth guarantee: bring home a baby or receive a 100% refund. * 

Committed to helping individuals, couples and families achieve their dreams, they also understand that every family is unique, each with its own needs. That’s why they’ve created five different financial plans, all of which include their Blastocyst Guarantee, providing that families receive usable blastocysts (for transfer, freezing, or biopsy) that are equal to, or exceed, the egg lots purchased, or the family receives a replacement lot. ** 

Donor Egg Bank USA doesn’t stop here. All expecting Donor Egg Bank USA families can also enjoy the perks of the Cord Blood Advantage Program®. This partnership offers free newborn stem cell processing and one year of storage with their sister company, Cord Blood Registry®.***  

This seven-step list gives you a great idea of what to expect as you plan to use frozen donor egg. And no matter where you are on your journey, you can depend on Donor Egg Bank USA to support you every step of the way. 

For more information on Donor Egg Bank USA, including their portfolio of donors, financial plans, and more, please visit or give their team a call at 240-778-6210 any time. They’re here to help you build the family of your dreams.  

Donor Egg Bank USA is a proud sponsor of Hopeful Mama Foundation’s Hope to Spare: Empower the 1 in 4.

*Must qualify to participate. See the Financial Plan Agreement for details and restrictions. 
**See Intended Parent’s Agreement for further details and restrictions.
*** Families will be responsible for annual storage fees after the first year.