Infertility is such a unique journey for each of us. Yes, we share some similarities, between medications, appointments, and testing, but the twists and turns of each story are all so different. Our beginnings and endings are unique to us as well. Whether you’ve just started on your fertility journey or you’ve been on this road for some time, Revive Jewelry now offers a customization fertility line that is individualized to your personal experience and helps raise support for the mission of Hopeful Mama Foundation.

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Revive Jewelry: Charitable Jewelry

Nikki Zazzali, founder of Revive Jewelry, is also the designer behind the brand. As a trained metalsmith and jewelry professional, Nikki had a lifelong dream to own her own line. It was after the loss of her grandfather to lung cancer & her brother’s lupus diagnosis that she realized she wanted her jewelry to be more than just pretty things. So, Nikki created Revive Jewelry to honor your loved ones, spread awareness, invigorate your strength, give you renewed hope for change, and fund cures for devastating diseases.

Nikki’s desire to embrace Hopeful Mama Foundation’s mission and become a board member comes from her personal 2 year infertility journey. She then created an infertility line of jewelry, within Revive, to commemorate and honor journeys just like hers. Through IVF, she’s now a mom and advocate for infertility awareness and access.

Keep Your Embabies Close

For the founder of the Hopeful Mama Foundation, Emily and her husband lost their second cycle of embabies between their two daughters, Penelope and Everly. As Emily has shared on her Instagram page, “that loss was one of the hardest for me because it was our only chance at a full genetic sibling for Penelope. Our picture of those embabies have been sitting in my “treasured box” since then, but not anymore!”

Revive worked with Emily to create four beautiful pieces of jewelry, which can be seen in the video below. Now, Emily can keep her embryos close to her heart, instead of collecting dust in a box.


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If you are wanting to keep your embabies close, Revive will work with you to create unique and customized pieces.

How it Works

The process is 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose your jewelry style and metal type
  2. Upload your files (of your embryo(s))
  3. Add to cart and complete your purchase.

After that, Revive gets to work on your pieces and will have it shipped to you within 7-10 days.

infertility, infertility support, custom infertility jewelry

During checkout, you also have the choice to donate your order proceeds to the Hopeful Mama Foundation. Contributions will assist in the fertility financial support of Hopeful Mama through donor grants and services.

To get started, head to Revive Jewelry

This partnership with Revive Jewelry allows you to keep a piece of your heart close to you while supporting the mission of Hopeful Mama Foundation. Share your unique jewelry with us by using #revivejewelry and #hopefulmamafoundation on your social media posts! We can’t wait to see.

Photographer : Erin Thomas of Thomas + Co Photography